About Ludus silva

What is Ludus silva?

Ludus silva is a strategy game native to the South-eastern region of Australia, eventually with a worldwide distribution.

The goal of the game is to construct a forest, one that covers a large area and has a large number of plants. This is done by designing plants that both suit the environment and can exist with one another.

Plants are designed using a wide variety of options, from structural and functional parts, to colours and textures. Players may design to purely aesthetic standards if they wish, but best results are achieved by designing to suit environmental conditions.

Plants compete for sunlight as well as water and mineral resources in the soil. A successful forest will have a variety of species spread over a large area. A wide variety of environments exist, from temperate, fertile plains to more difficult areas: such as deserts, swamps and mountain tops.

Current development is focusing on the first publicly available demo, the Ludus silva plant editor, containing three plant presets, a basic leaf editor, and one photo scene for players to take pictures of their creations.

Who is Jayelinda?

Jayelinda is a game developer in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked for five years in the games industry on titles for PC, mobile and a variety of gaming consoles. She also wrote the game engine behind the upcoming car company tycoon game, Automation. Trained in both 3D art and games programming, she is happiest messing around with shaders and visual effects.

Jayelinda’s first solo project was Min Min, a 3D flying game for Android mobile devices. Ludus silva is her second, and rather more ambitious endeavour.