And the demo is here!

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The first Ludus silva demo has arrived. Here we present the Plant Editor, allowing you to create any number of weird or wonderful plants.

Features of the demo include:

  • 3 Plant presets
  • 1 Photo scene, with 3 skies for taking beautiful pictures of your creations

Feel free to drop by the Ludus silva forums to share your creations, give feedback or ask any questions you might have.

Have fun!

One thought on “And the demo is here!

  • Mark

    Hi there.
    I’m based in Sydney and wondered what platfrm you are doing this on?
    If its unity I am working on a mental health game that could really benefit from some dynamic tree code, so I would be very keen to talk to you about licensing, or even getting you on board for some development if it is Unity.

    Let me know


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