Frequenty Asked Questions

I’ve seen this plant editor you have. What’s it for?

The Ludus silva plant editor is the editor section of a bigger game that will be more strategy-based.

Ludus silva game mechanics will be based around building a forest covering the largest area with the most diversity. Some environments will be more difficult to achieve this in than others. The player must design plants best suited to the conditions in order for them to do well and spread. eg. big, broad leaves will be better at gathering light, but will get UV damage and lose too much water if the plant is too exposed. Thus they are best for low plants that share space with taller ones.

What platforms will the game be available on?

The short answer: Right now, the only promise is Windows. But hopefully we should see Ludus silva on Mac, Linux and possibly Android and iOS.

A more detailed answer: Ludus silva is being developed using the Unity game engine, so theoretically it can be built for any platform that engine supports. However, it’s rarely that simple and will take some work to get it on to other platforms. The plan is to get it all happening, if at all possible.

One special mention is mobile. There are tablets that will probably be do-able, but I can already tell you that the game will not run on most current hand-held mobile devices.

When will it be done?

Ludus silva is still very, very early in its development cycle. A lot will change before it’s finished, but the current estimate is 2-3 years until completion. There will be demos of the various components released earlier, the first being the plant editor, which should hopefully be ready in a few months.

Where can I get it?

Demos, as well as the final game, will be available from the Ludus silva website. Steam would be awesome, but we’ll see how things go.